Dbayeh Center

The Dbayeh camp lies on a hilly slope north of Beirut and is home to over 500 Palestinian, Lebanese and Syrian families.

The JCC Library/Community Center is located in the midst of the camp and has become a popular gathering place for all residence.


 The JCC offers the following programs:


The Library/Community Center

Dbayeh - Education Library 2



Handicrafts, Arts and Music: Children and teenagers come together to learn and enjoy drawing, coloring, and making various handicrafts.




Moral Guidance: The children and youth of the camp gather to listen to stories and lessons from the Bible.




Study Station“:  A tutoring program for children with learning abilities who need help with their homework.



Elementary Classes for the Syrian Refugees: Getting them ready for the Lebanese curriculum at the elementary level.




Lectures, Training, Workshops, and Celebrations: Youth attend lectures and workshops on various topics throughout the year.

Excel training Coarse 1



Christmas & Easter recitals are held  in the church for the parents and the parishioners.

Recital 2



Sports Program: JCC youth leaders formed football and basketball teams that train, play, and compete each week. There is also a four-room gymnasium and a ping pong table.

Dbayeh - Footbal Team 1



The JCC offers an educational and recreational Summer School Program for children, including trips to nature reserves, water parks, and other.

Dbayeh 2



The Thrift Shop is located in the basement of the Center and sells secondhand clothing, toys, and household items, with proceeds going to support individuals in need of medication.