Sabra Center

The JCC Center was founded in 1950 as a family center with a kindergarten in the Sabra area, south of Beirut, adjacent to the Shatila camp.

The Center offers a variety of educational programs, including:

Kindergarten for preschool children.

An educational program for unschooled youth & dropouts

School Support and Tutoring program for children with different learning abilities, behavioral problems, and speech difficulties. 

A Literacy program that focuses on the empowerment of women by helping them in reading, writing and simple arithmetic.


Additionally, the Sabra Center offers several Vocational Programs such as:


Sabra - Hair stylist program 1
000 - sabra-cente0r - Hair-Dressing-Class

Beauty Skills: a course teaching facial care, makeup, and the most up-to-date products and techniques as well as nail care and design.

000 - Sabra-center - Beauty-Skills-2
Sabra - Beauty Skills 1

Barbering: where men and boys learn scalp care, hair coloring, conditioning, and the latest hairstyles.

Sabra - Barber Program 1
Sabra - Barber Program 2 (960x1024)

The Electronics and Computer program teaches the fundamentals of electronics, computer hardware and software, and mobile phone maintenance.



The Sabra Center offers a variety Community Network Activities such as: 

Program for the Elderly where women assemble for their weekly “special day” together and socialize and discuss matters of interest.

Sabra - Womens Program -Summer
Sabra - Womens Program 1

Summer Program, a recreational program for children that offer art, music, games and sports are offered over six weeks.

Sabra - Children on the Go 2

A small library with books that target all ages and interests to encourage students from all programs to read.

JCC Sabra also gives awareness-raising lectures and workshops in collaboration with local and international organizations.